Monday, June 18, 2018

Take Global Campaigns To The next Level With Effective Personalized One-to-one e Mail Communications

Facebook boasts over one billion users and Twitter over 250 million. What do every one of these accounts have in common? They all required an email address to sign up with. Projections indicate that around five billion people across the globe use email, that’s the equivalent of every Facebook and Twitter profile combined; multiplied by three!

With the emergence of contemporary techniques such as social media, search engine optimization and video advertising, the online marketplace has become crowded; but despite the saturation, email marketing still reigns supreme. Investing time and money into building a strong email list is an asset you own and are capable of leveraging without the threat of someone limiting its effectiveness.
If you aren’t convinced yet, email marketing provides the means of monitoring metrics such as how many people open your message, the number of recipients clicking on its content, whether targets share the email with colleagues or friends and a plethora of other valuable information to a would-be marketer.
It’s been 39 years since Gary Thurek sent the world’s first email marketing campaign to 400 recipients. Campaigner email marketing enables businesses to easily create and send highly personalized one-to-one email communications to subscribers and customers to build better relationships that result in increased sales and business growth.  Increase viewer relevancy to monetize campaigns using automated advertising solutions. Send more effective email campaigns based on customer actions and purchase historyTake global campaigns to the next level by easily personalizing via subscriber locales! Click here to Try Now! with exceptional value, a great low monthly price, and 24/7 coaching and customer support{

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