Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Unprecedented Opportunities Available To Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs

More and more marketing information and marketing processes, even for brick-and-mortar businesses, has become digital therefore all businesses, even traditional brick and mortar businesses, must market their goods and services online. This  is because businesses look for the lowest cost to perform their processes.

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Moore's Law ensures that Internet businesses, especially Internet marketing, will continue to grow and flourish at an astounding rate. Will Moore's Law continue to hold true in the future? Can engineers keep making computer chips cheaper? Intel's engineers assure us that Moore's Law will continue to operate for several more device generations, if not indefinitely.

Gordon Moore, one of the co-founders of Intel Corporation, made mathematical observations in the 1960's of the engineering practices which allowed miniaturization in semiconductor technology. This miniaturization applies to processors and other computer components as well as memory chips.

What he observed mathematically is that computers can be made four times more powerful every three years for the same cost. Some argue that this same formula has held true for a full century, if you include the mechanical computers of the early 1900's and the old-fashioned transistors that followed.

You must bring together computing power, media content, and information processing to obtain the economies of scale and position yourself within a social networking community where resources can be shared to obtain convergence. Despite the low cost of computing, there is still power in numbers with regard to media content and information processing. To position yourself as a marketer for one of the longest lasting and most successful digital communities in existence is without doubt the smartest move you could possibly make right now.

Having done that, you can use your individual creativity, skills, and resources in an environment of freedom employing the low cost computing power at your disposal to obtain your financial goals.

Due to these three factors--Moore's Law, acceptance of digital environments, and convergence--assure us that the potential of the Internet for the home-based entrepreneur continues to be nothing less than incredible.

In the digital world, the large corporations have to compete, not just with each other but also with the home-based entrepreneurs. The large conglomerates no longer have the exclusive advantage. Given the low cost of computing power, individual entrepreneurs now have at their disposal the raw materials to develop digital products and processes and make them available to the world.

More importantly, individual entrepreneurs can ban together in digital environments (such as SFI) to combine their skills and knowledge and use convergence to their advantage in a very efficient way, rivaling the large companies with the results, there is an unprecedented opportunity available to you right now as an Entrepreneur.  You can SELL your Products and Services on TripleClicks: Quick. Simple. Easy. Online for CASH! Try it FREE

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